Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Promotional Stress Balls - The Low Cost "De-Stressing" Business Gift

If you are looking for information about promotional stress balls, chances are you have been to a few sites before arriving at this article. There are hundreds of promotional gift suppliers around the world that supply these fun toys: some are good and some are very bad. This is of course, the same in any industry. Whether or not stress balls actually distress the user is debatable. Having squeezed my share over the years I have my doubts. In fact, anyone who works in the stress ball industry will probably tell you the same. That said, the fact that they are known for having such de-stressing powers does not hurt when it comes to your marketing.

One way to find all of the different suppliers that sell stress balls is to type the following keywords into your favourite search engines.

Promotional stress balls

Promotional stressballs

Promotional stress relievers

Stress toys,

Stress busters

You are sure to come up with a large number of companies that can supply you. But what should you really be looking for? You need to find a company that is proud enough of their range that they are happy to send you sample. If you are making a large purchase, you should also compare prices with at least ten different suppliers. Most stress ball suppliers do not work with the actual factory manufacturing the goods. Instead the use wholesalers that print the stock for them and then they sell the products on to you including their markup.

This is a very expensive way of purchasing stress balls. You need to find the companies that actually have good longstanding relationships with the top manufacturers. This will be evident in their prices and the quality of their products. The two must go hand in hand and they will if you do your research.

I recommend searching for people that write about their products in articles online. Companies that do not use ghost writers but are actually passionate enough about their industry to write about it. There are so many things to consider when purchase stress relievers such as print quality, products quality, whether you want slow release stress toys or hard, whether you require special shapes or colors. Each of these issues must be acknowledged and considered before you make your purchase. Only those companies that know the industry well are going to be able to give you the best value for money.

Stress balls should be a low cost promotional gift. They are high volume promoters but they should also be purchased quite inexpensively in smaller quantities. I say "should" because this is not always the case. Do your homework and reap the benefits of these truly fun and colorful toys.

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